[nfbwatlk] {Disarmed} FW: Why a blind man, his dog, and 35 passengers left an airplane

Becky Frankeberger b.butterfly at comcast.net
Fri Nov 29 15:35:44 UTC 2013

Agree Debbie, Why do we snipe each other so harshly.  I have a friend who
has talents, who is afraid of cooking.  The NFB people in her city belittled
her so badly she won't come near or hear anything the NFB says.  In her mind
we are bullies.  Well ok, she likes me as I respect her talent. So hire
someone to do the things you can't quite do without  recoiling in fear.  Or
perhaps a very gentle approach with her watching someone  closely who is
also blind cook in the kitchen with each safety technique explained kindly.
She married a man who loves to cook, smile. Problem solved. So shut up
critics as she is now helping in the kitchen, smile.But still she just hates
anything to do with the bullies of NFB.  

Let's give our blind brothers and sisters a break, as the sighted won't. 

Becky with the smiling Jake waving a paw at Aunt Debbie for scratching his
ears on the train   

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I have had six dogs, and know that it is difficult for dogs to fly, and to
deal with long delays.  I have had my dogs stand up and put their heads in
my lap, trying to let me know how they felt.  A few pats, some soft talk and
a command to lie back down seemed to make them feel better, and nobody
objected.  I certainly could understand if the dog was walking around lose,
but as I understand it that was not the situation either.  And I think we
need to look at U.S.  Air's track record.  Did they not recently get fined
by DOJ for something that happened regarding people in wheelchairs? I'm not
saying that Mr.  Rizzi may not have handled the situation correctly-I don't
know, I wasn't there.  I also know that it is not always easy to get a dog
under a plane seat, depending on the size of the dog.  I do know that
sometimes situations escalate quickly and get out of control.  
Anything blind people do whether it's good or bad seems to get a lot of
attention.  If one of us does something the public think is wonderful we are
amazing, heroes of the day.  If a blind person does something reprehensible
then owe all are tarred with the same brush.  I will be so happy if the day
comes when we are treated as individual blind people with differing skills,
personalities, etc.  just like sighted folk have different skill levels,
personalities, or whatever.  I have been lauded as amazing because I walked
down the street with a dog or cane.  I have been ridiculed because I didn't
"cut the mustard" because I wasn't as good as some other blind person at
whatever.  We aren't all cookie cutter blind people and I wish the public
consider that.    Debby

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