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Here's a vignette from the past. The Washington Association for the Blind
was the NFB affiliate in 1965.

Mike freeman

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>From 1965 monitor:


By Tom Gronning 

The 30th annual convention of the Washington State Association of the Blind
was held at the Mayflower Hotel in Seattle, August 5-6-7, with all 12 local
affiliates represented by one or more delegates. From the official welcome
Thursday morning by the city and host affiliates to the election and
of officers on Saturday, it was a rather tight schedule of events. The
keynote address by president Wesley Osborne stressed unity and progress. 

After lunch August 5, the delegates and members attending the convention
boarded a chartered bus for a tour through the Northwest Regional Rehab
for the Blind. At present there are about 40 trainees that will be available
for employment with the help of the state program. 

Next stop: Rio Vista on Raging River, 25 miles east of Seattle. This is a
recreation area and is operated by the host affiliate. King County White
Association of the Blind. This has been the dream of "Kelly" Ridge, the
chairman of the convention committee and in charge of the development. The
meal was served here among the pine trees on a perfect summer evening, with
convention hostess Ruth Ridge in charge. 

The chairman of the committee on resolutions, Tom Gronning, presented 16
resolutions, all of them adopted with minor changes. Most of them dealt with
and strengthening the WSAB through the local affiliates, a subject on which
Tom gave a short talk during a seminar on the topic. 

R. C. Purse, Superintendent of the British Columbia Division, Institute for
the Blind, was the main speaker at the banquet. Congressman Mead spoke
on his experiences in Washington, D.C. 

Wesley M. Osborne, Tacoma, was reelected as president; and the convention
city for 1966 will be Tacoma. 

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