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Fri Dec 5 02:53:35 UTC 2014

Below is a description of our new NFB logo and tagline. Some people were asking about this at the November NFBW Board meeting.

Reflecting the NFB Brand
Submitted by mriccobono on Mon, 06/30/2014 - 16:35 
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Monday, June 30, 2014
By Mark A. Riccobono

The National Federation of the Blind has updated its logo in preparation for the coming seventy-fifth anniversary of the organization. The new logo is an updated, stronger reflection of our organizational characteristics and values. The logo of the National Federation of the Blind consists of three elements: a symbol and two text elements—our name and tagline. This blog post describes the logo in detail.

The basic element of our logo is a contemporary, sleek, forward-facing icon that is intended to convey creativity, movement, freedom, and warmth. We refer to this icon as Opportunity, as it represents the opportunity we seek for blind people, the opportunity to find blind people who have not yet benefited from the organization, and the opportunity to determine our own future and establish new levels of participation in our society. The forward-facing Opportunity icon demonstrates respect.

Each icon is made up of four components. At the top of the icon is an oval that is oriented vertically. The oval is above and not touching a middle component, which is oriented horizontally and its ends curve downward. The second component sits above, but not touching, a more sharply curved bottom piece. The left side of the bottom piece of the icon is longer than the corresponding right side as you look at the icon. The different lengths and curves give the impression of motion. The color in each of these three components (orange, green, blue) has a gradation from a light shade of the color to a darker shade.

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