[nfbwatlk] History

Denise Mackenstadt cane.travel at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 17:02:06 UTC 2014

President Marci has given me the opportunity to start a history of the Washington Affiliate project.  I find this to be exciting.  There was a saying that the Washington State Affiliate could fit into a phone booth.  When Gary and I came to Washington in 1980 there were only 3 members.  I think this would be fun.  I will be calling many of you to help with this project by giving me your thoughts about how the affiliate has grown and become the strong NFB affiliate it is today.  So, start now to think about your time here.  If you are now in another state than Washington do not think you will be left out.  I will also be contacting you.  
Denise Mackenstadt, NOMC
cane.travel at gmail.com

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