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Hi, my name is Eden, and I am a totally blind woman who just moved to 
the Clark County area in the past year.  I do nnot know anyone here, and 
I would like to become more involved.  i use technology a great deal 
having both JAWS and I also use a braile device which is the HIMS 
Braille Sense on Hand, and i use this with my IPhone, and i want to use 
with JAWS, but it doesn't seem to work very wel.  I am 40 years old, a 
cane traveler, and I am seeking to go back to colege for computer tech 
support or web design, but I'd also like to bone up on the technologies 
I have, but I don't see that there is any good local training for this, 
but perhaps you know of something.  I also am curious is the state of 
Washington willing to put people through school even if they wish to 
pursue at-home employment.  I was flat-out told in Indiana that they 
preferred to have their blind people be more sociable.  I have chronic 
pain, and I can only work for extended hours at home as I can strectch 
and move when the pain makes it necessary.  I am wondering about 
resources and want to meet new people.  I love hobbies like learning 
more about hthe computer so wwould love to make some friends in that 
area, and I love movies, music hanging out, and I'd love to become 
active in the NFB again which is hwy i joined this list.  I hope to make 
it to the next meeting, and if any of you would like to drop a line, my 
email is
eden420 at centurylink.net



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