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HR Investigation & Compliance Specialist / Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Job ID:  24580301
Position Title:  HR Investigation & Compliance Specialist / Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Company Name:  Seattle University
Job Function:  Other
Location(s):  Seattle, Washington, 98101, United States
Posted:  July 13, 2015
Entry Level:  No
Job Type:  Full-Time
Min Education:  BA/BS/Undergraduate
Contact Person:  Human Resources
Apply URL:  http://www.Click2Apply.net/nv73g39


Seattle University has an exciting, dynamic opportunity for a HR Investigation & Compliance Specialist / Deputy Title IX Coordinator to join our community.

Reporting to the Vice President of Human Resources, this position will be responsible for the day-to-day application of Seattle University nondiscrimination policies and practices, and ensuring compliance with equal opportunity laws at both the State and Federal levels.

The HR Investigation and Compliance Specialist / Deputy Title IX Coordinator will coordinate and conduct the intake and investigation of nondiscrimination complaints against staff, faculty, and third parties, as well as support the university's equity compliance efforts by maintaining and monitoring relevant data, providing training, information, and consultation to staff and faculty.

Essential Job Functions Intake and Investigation
Meet with potential complainants, who may be students, staff, faculty, or third parties. Acquire and analyze information to determine if concerns are potential violations of the university's nondiscrimination policies; educate and advise complainants on relevant policies and procedures, as well as resources available to them; make referrals and/or hand-offs, as appropriate; and, if concerns are potential violations of nondiscrimination policies, take appropriate steps to move forward with a prompt investigation, including summarizing the allegations and outlining the scope of the investigation.

Collaborate and consult with process partners, including other HR staff, the Chief EEO Officer/Title IX & ADA Coordinator, internal/external legal counsel, other Deputy Title IX Coordinators, and others, as appropriate, to ensure consistent application of university policies and practices, and to ensure the implementation of appropriate actions in response to complaints, including safety or other interim measures, if appropriate.

Conduct informal and formal investigations of complaints against staff, faculty, and third parties, asserting violations of the university's nondiscrimination policies - including discrimination, harassment, and retaliation - as well as corresponding State and Federal laws - including Title VII, Title IX, ADA, and ADEA. Act as an impartial party, maintain a high level of confidentiality, and ensure a prompt, fair, and neutral process for all parties. Analyze complaints and develop thorough investigative plans; conduct interviews; identify and collect relevant documentation, data, and other evidence; analyze evidence, applying policy and legal standards; and issue verbal and written reports of findings of fact and determination.

Provide feedback regarding investigation outcomes to university leadership and management; make recommendations for appropriate actions to ensure compliance with relevant policies and laws, including recommendations for appropriate corrective action and/or training; and educate and advise upon potential impacts of future actions, particularly with respect to the avoidance of retaliation.

Provide periodic, timely updates to the Vice President of Human Resources and the Chief EEO Officer/Title IX & ADA Coordinator regarding the status of complaints received and pending investigations.

Organize, maintain, and monitor data related to both complaints and training for staff and faculty.

Provide training, information, and consultation to staff and faculty in regards to the university's nondiscrimination policies and practices, including all those affecting students.

Assist in the development and maintenance of communication strategies to enhance and raise awareness of relevant policies, practices, programs, and resources.

Assist in the development and maintenance of informational materials aimed at identifying, preventing, reporting, and responding to discrimination.


Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree plus six years of experience in employee relations, complaint resolution, employment law, and/or compliance administration, including three years of relevant investigative work, or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above.

Demonstrated knowledge of relevant nondiscrimination State and Federal laws and regulations.

Strong and effective written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, including the ability to listen well.

Excellent organization skills and attention to detail.

Demonstrated skill in investigation techniques, including conducting investigative interviews.

Strong analytical reasoning skills.

Presentation and facilitation skills with emphasis on education and training for a wide audience.

Proficiency in MS Word and Excel, and the ability to learn other computer programs as needed.

Demonstrated ability to:
* Work with sensitive and stressful situations in a professional, respectful, and confidential manner.
* Effectively acquire, analyze, and summarize factual information, and accurately apply policy and legal standards.
* Use sound judgment in making determinations and recommendations.
* Manage multiple and competing priorities simultaneously.
* Maintain neutrality and establish credibility with a broad range of constituents.
* Adapt communication style and approach to promote understanding, confidence, and trust.
* Effectively interact, collaborate, and partner with a diverse population of individuals at all levels of the university.
* Act independently and take initiative.

All candidates must show a demonstrated commitment to diversity and the university's mission, vision, and values.

All positions at Seattle University require a criminal history background check.

Preferred Qualifications

Juris Doctorate and/or other relevant advanced degree and/or certification.

Higher education experience.

Knowledge of complexities surrounding investigations in a university setting.

Knowledge of current employment and higher education trends, as well as relevant agency guidance.

Experience developing and presenting training workshops.

Experience with policy development and administration.

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