[nfbwatlk] More on the NYC Amazon protest

Prows, Bennett (HHS/OCR) Bennett.Prows at HHS.GOV
Tue Aug 25 13:31:50 UTC 2015

>From Scott Labarre on the blindlaw list.

Here are President Ricobono's words from his weekly message.

NYC DOE / Amazon Protest:

On Wednesday, August 26, we will be participating in a protest outside M.S.

131 in New York City, where the city school system's Educational Policy Panel will meet later that evening to consider a proposed $30 million contract under which Amazon, Inc. would construct an electronic storefront for New York City schools and become the primary provider of electronic textbooks and related educational materials for students. More details can be found in our media alert at


new-york-city-schools. Please spread the word to anyone you know in the New York area to come join us. The New York City school district is the largest in the country in terms of number of blind students. This means that Amazon's ability to secure a contract will likely have negative implications for blind students around the country. Please take a moment to share information about this issue and encourage people to turn out on Wednesday night. Our blog about this issue is at https://nfb.org/blog/vonb-blog/we-must-stop-amazon-fail.

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