[nfbwatlk] Appologies

Becky Frankeberger b.butterfly at comcast.net
Mon Aug 31 23:00:59 UTC 2015

No problem. I heard the sports report later and no Cam was seem at training
camp, deep sy.

Go Hawks! 

Hey nice fast release by Russel, smile. Wonder if this is part of the new
look, smile.

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Last week, I sent a message to the list with some alleged good news about
Kam Chancelor. It was based on an eronious social media report that somehow
got spread too quickly. Apparently, what I said is not the case, and with
Chancelor, the status quo is in effect. In other words, he's still out, and
may stay out. It's really a shame, and I hope the parties reach some sort of
agreement so he'll play during the regular season. Sorry about the mis-step
on my part. When I tried to correct it on my i-phone, the message didn't

Go Hawks.
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