[nfbwatlk] Party at my house Saturday, July 25!

Nightingale, Noel Noel.Nightingale at ed.gov
Thu Jul 2 21:25:30 UTC 2015

NFB of Washington,

The Greater Seattle Chapter will be enjoying the summer  and Seafair at Jim and my house on Saturday, July 25, starting at 3:00 p.m.  We will be grilling burgers and providing drinks.  Those who come will bring other food.  We will provide an opportunity to buy a cup for $5.00 that party participants can fill with what they like, including the beer from the keg.  Come to the party and invite others.

Our address in southeast Seattle is:

3800 South Ferris Place, Seattle, 98144.  It is the corner of South Ferris Place and Mt. Rainier Drive.

Jim and my house is on the Route 14 bus  line.  The Route 14 runs along Third Avenue in downtown Seattle and turns into a Route 1 going northbound (by the west side of the Seattle Center and up to Queen Anne).  Don't go North, though.  Catch the 14 bus headed South and take it to the end of the line in Mt. Baker.  The bus will go through the Mt. baker transit center and then head up the hill to where my house is.  Before the last stop, there is a noticeable turn the bus takes.  The stop is right after the turn and is at Hunter Boulevard and South Hanford  Streets.  Exit from the bus, turn left, walk to the corner.  Now you are at South Ferris Place.  Cross South Ferris Place, turn right, and the first set of stairs on the left is my house.

Come one, come all!


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