[nfbwatlk] farewell to WA; new e-mail address

Dean Martineau topdot at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 18:41:36 UTC 2015

Greetings from Everett, for the moment.  Changes have taken place in my
life, and as a result, I am making a few changes.  My wife of nearly 23
years, Marilyn, died, peacefully and not unexpectedly, on June 15.  I could
have stayed here, but have chosen to go live with my daughter in Florida
(Space Coast, East Central, Palm Bay, Brevard County.)  I know this
departure will not exactly send shockwaves through the blind community, in
part owing to my (not popular) life stance of supporting both organizations
of the blind as I can while joining neither.  Nonetheless, I have enjoyed
following the people and activities on this list, and offering assistance
when I could, , and plan to continue to do so.  Though I have normal
trepidations, I am looking forward with anticipation to the adventures and
learnings from this new chapter in my life.


Should you wish to contact me, for technology or resource tips or for any
other reason, be aware that I am ditching my spam-infested former address.
Hence, please use topdot at gmail.com for this purpose.


All the best,\








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