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A note from Tom Wlodkowski, VP of Accessibility at Comcast



I wanted to address some recent issues that have been raised on this
listserve regarding the ordering process related to Voice Guidance, the
industry's first talking guide that's available on our X1 set-top box.


We launched the service a few months ago and so far the results are
encouraging:  in April, the talking guide feature was activated on more than
650,000 X1 boxes nationwide and we've received some great feedback from


I also understand that some have had issues ordering the service so I wanted
to be clear about the process: our policy is to waive upgrade and
installation fees for existing customers who are blind or visually impaired
that request access to X1 and Voice Guidance through our support center for
customers with disabilities. You also can maintain your current service
level and pricing if your current package doesn't  typically offer X1


Furthermore, a subscription to our broadband service or DVR service is NOT
required to get X1 with Voice Guidance.


It appears that some subscribers to this list reported that they were
transferred away from our accessibility call center, which may have resulted
in some customers being charged an upgrade or installation fee. 


If that's the case, I apologize and we will credit your account.


We have reviewed the list of Voice Guidance orders since February and have
already proactively credited accounts where this error occurred. If you'd
like us to review your account, please call or email our accessibility
support center at 855-270-0379 or  <mailto:accessibility at comcast.com>
accessibility at comcast.com


Agents are available by phone from 7am-12am eastern time seven days a week.


We are humbled by the reaction to Voice Guidance in the blind community and
I again want to apologize to anyone who may have experienced difficulties
with the ordering process.


Thanks and I look forward to seeing many of you soon at the ACB convention.






Thomas Wlodkowski

Vice President, Accessibility, Comcast







Robert Acosta, President

Helping Hands for the Blind

(818) 998-0044





Accessible World Team

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