[nfbwatlk] Are our rights to speak freely on airplanes still intact?

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In every struggle by minorities to achieve equality in society, there have
always been those who favored a "go-along, get-along" stratagem and those
who favored out-and-out confrontation. In the case of the fight for
first-class citizenship by African-americans, Booker T. Washington and
W.E.B. Dubois come to mind as proponents of these two approaches.


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Thanks Mary Ellen for understanding my question, and for expressing yourself
so clearly.  Everybody was like, well, we don't want to making the flight
attendants feel threatened, etc.  
etc.  I guess I'll have to decide during the moment whether I will politely
but firmly try to keep my cane or take other legal 
action afterward, should the situation occur.    Peace,    Debby

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