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Mary ellen gabias at telus.net
Sun Nov 8 02:34:35 UTC 2015

Hello NFB colleagues:

I've reported on the ruling handed down by the BC Human Rights Tribunal
dismissing Graeme McCreath's discrimination complaint against Bruce
MacGregor, a taxi driver for Victoria Taxi, and against Victoria Taxi's
company policies.


The ruling has so many flaws, and the outcome for all guide dog users is so
destructive, that we simply cannot allow the ruling to go unchallenged.


We have launched a crowd funding campaign to raise money to help defray the
legal costs of challenging the decision.  One option is to ask for a
judicial review.  We are looking into other legal options.


This is different from the efforts we are spearheading to ensure that
regulations enacting Bill 17, the Guide and Service Dog Act, are helpful.
That process is still very much ongoing.  Although the two are related, they
approach the problem of access in different ways.


I am forwarding a "Dear friend" letter to the list explaining the issue and
asking readers to help with the campaign.  You can assist by making a
contribution yourself, forwarding that letter to people you know whom you
believe will want to help, and sharing the information on social media.


The link to the crowd funding campaign is



and it is now live.


Because the law puts constraints and tight time lines on the right to ask
that a decision be reviewed, we need to act quickly to fund this campaign.
Please do whatever you can to help spread the word.


Mary Ellen

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