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November 9, 2015



Contact:            Norm Mah, SDOT Senior Public Relations Specialist,

                              Bryan Stevens, DPD Customer Service Manager,


Seeking Feedback on Ballard's Urban Design and Transportation Study

November 18 Community Meeting at Leif Erikson Lodge


SEATTLE - The City of Seattle is seeking community input in response to
ongoing development, and Sound Transit's planning for light rail to Ballard.
The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Seattle's Department of
Planning and Development (DPD) are working with neighborhood groups and
non-profits, organized as the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth, to
develop an integrated Urban Design and Transportation Framework (UDTF).  

SDOT's transportation element of this coordinated study Move Ballard, will
recommend near-term multimodal transportation improvements for the Ballard
Hub Urban Village in response to the area's recent growth. The plan will
also evaluate potential future high capacity (e.g. light rail, bus rapid
transit) transit station areas in anticipation of possible Metro and Sound
Transit investments in the neighborhood. This meeting is an opportunity to
comment on Move Ballard's draft recommendations. 

Over the summer, SDOT gathered feedback on the community's priorities for
transportation improvements and location preferences for a future high
capacity transit station. Based on community input, traffic analysis,
adopted modal plans, and ongoing projects; SDOT prioritized and evaluated
local transportation improvements and future high capacity transit station

The City, and Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth are hosting an open house
on Wednesday, November 18 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Leif Erikson
Lodge. This meeting is your opportunity to:

. Learn what we heard at the last open house and various stakeholder

. Comment on the draft priorities and recommended design concepts for local
transportation improvements 

.           Comment on draft evaluation of potential high capacity transit
station locations (e.g. light rail)

. Comment on draft streetscape designs

While the main focus of this open house will be on transportation, this is
also an opportunity to comment on land use and urban design draft

Here are ways you can share your input:

. Attend the Community Meeting:

November 18, 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Leif Erikson Lodge, Large Hall (2nd floor)

2245 NW 57th St

Light snacks will be provided.

. Review information online and contact the project planners: 

Move Ballard and Ballard Urban Design and Transportation Framework.


At the first meeting held a year ago, the community shared its affection of
Ballard's historic qualities and its tradition of industry. Residents
conveyed their appreciation of the growth and variety of shops and
restaurants in their walkable neighborhood. However, community members also
expressed concerns that a number of recent high-density projects being built
in the area do not contribute to Ballard's character. There were also
concerns about affordability and transportation improvements that haven't
kept pace with the growth. 

The City then worked with the Ballard Partnership to define responses to the
community input on the character of growth in Ballard core business areas.
At the second project public meeting last November, the City received strong
support for preliminary recommendations to shape new development,
streetscape and open space in downtown Ballard.  At the third project
meeting in May, we heard the community's priorities for transportation
improvements for all travel modes and preferences for potential future high
capacity transit station locations. At the upcoming meeting, you will have
the chance to comment on the draft prioritization of local transportation
improvements and assessment of potential future high capacity station
locations. Tell us what you think about the future of all modes of
transportation in Ballard.

If you have questions or comments, here are the project contacts: Chris Yake
with SDOT at Christopher.Yake at seattle.gov
<mailto:Christopher.Yake at seattle.gov> 206-727-8719. Aditi Kambuj with DPD at
Aditi.Kambuj at seattle.gov <mailto:Aditi.Kambuj at seattle.gov> 


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