[nfbwatlk] FW: Alaska Air jet exploration

Debby Phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 03:29:32 UTC 2015

Hey, actually, I think that part's gotten better.  One time back 
in the early 80's, I flew a small airline called Air Oregon.  I 
had to get to another gate.  They arrived to assist me, whether 
they had the wheelchair in tow I don't know.  Anyway, we had this 
stand-off.  They weren't going to go unless I got in the 
wheelchair and I wasn't about to get in the wheelchair.  I'm not 
sure what would have happened, but the airline pilot intervened.  
He said, "Debby, do you want to ride in the wheelchair?" I said, 
"No sir, I don't." He turned to the by now furious person with 
the wheelchair and said, "You heard the lady.  She's already told 
you that she doesn't want to ride in the wheelchair." That was 
that.  They couldn't argue with a pilot, I guess.  Lol.  (And 
they got no tip from me, either).    Debby

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