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I had to do this for years crossing a four-lane highway to get to work
because there was no pedestrian-activatable signal at the corner. I had the
choice of brazening it out with the traffic or traveling on the other side
of the street from a bus stop further up and traveling through an underpass
to get to the side of the corner I wanted with the traffic two inches away
from me.
Eventually, a pedestrian-activated signal was installed.


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Yes, it is called a "forced crossing" i think.  It does work, but 
takes a little faith!


At 09:37 PM 10/23/2015, Debby Phillips via nfbwatlk wrote:
>Well, when I was in Israel, we (a bunch of folks in my tour group) 
>were trying to get across this highway in Nazareth.
>Finally I got impatient, raised my cane in the air and you won't 
>believe this, but all the traffic stopped! Lol.    Debby and Nova 
>who says she can't follow that act.

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