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Take the Pedestrian Master Plan Update survey!


Take the Pedestrian Master Plan Update survey!



We'd like to invite you to take the Pedestrian Master Plan Update Survey.
Your thoughts will help us improve walkability in Seattle over the next
several years.

In 2009, Seattle's 20-year Pedestrian Master Plan set out to make Seattle
the most walkable city in the nation. The Plan goals of safety, equity,
vibrancy, and health drive decisions about where to provide new sidewalks,
curb ramps, crosswalks, signs, and many other improvements that make it
easier to walk in our neighborhoods.

As part of our update to the Pedestrian Master Plan,
<http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/pedMasterPlan.htm> we need your input
on the types of pedestrian improvements you think are most important, and
where you think we should build them. We will use your feedback help
identify the highest priority areas to focus improvements. 

The survey will take less than ten minutes to fill out. 

You can access the Pedestrian Master Plan Update public survey on SDOT's
home page, or directly on the project website here:
http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/pedMasterPlan.htm. It will be open
through  the end of November.

Thank you!


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