[nfbwatlk] Chip visa cards

Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
Thu Sep 17 02:23:40 UTC 2015

I'm not aware that we will have to follow screen prompts of a machine; the
chip cards should be just the same as others, i.e., the store's reader would
just read what used to be in MICR numbers from a chip.
If I am wrong, it won't be any worse than point-of-sale machines; they are
definitely a mixed bag for those of us who don't want to give out their PIN.
As for me, I don't care as clerks generally don't listen very well anyway.


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It seems like the chip cards are going to be what we have to use soon.  I'm
wondering about the accessibility.  You have to put the card in and follow
the on-screen prompts.  Is this something the NFB might want to tackle?



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