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Hi All,
Sure wish I was qualified to apply for this position, I'd be real pleased to move back to Oak Harbor!
Albert Sanchez, WA7FXB
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  Hello Friends and Colleagues,

  Some of you may have already heard that the lovely Penny Bump gave Skagit her resignation over Summer Quarter. Consequently, I am looking for a New Program Coordinator for DAS/TRiO. Would you please pass this information along to anyone you know who may be interested? Please make sure to note that this position is at the beautiful Whidbey Island Campus in Oak Harbor, and the duties include support for TRiO and the Tutoring Center.

  Here is the link to the position on the SVC website: http://www.skagit.edu/news.asp_Q_pagenumber_E_3521.

  And here's the position description:
  Skagit Valley College has an opening for Program Coordinator, Disability Access Services / Tutor Center Coordinator at the Whidbey Island Campus.  This is a full-time, 40 hour per week, classified position in the Student Services Department at the Whidbey Island Campus working a ten month schedule from September 1 to June 30 each year.

  Responsibilities include providing and coordinating accommodation support for students with disabilities, recruiting, hiring, training and scheduling the work of student and hourly employees as well as monitoring and approving payroll for approximately 15 employees.

  The Program Coordinator uses complex software to facilitate student accessibility including JAWS, screen magnifier, Dragon Dictate, and software to create textbooks in alternate formats.  Duties include monitoring, updating and maintaining equipment including ergonomic chairs, iPads, tape recorders, DAS-designated computer, FM transmitter for hearing aids, etc.

  The Program Coordinator works under the general direction of the Counselor/Disability Access Services and the Director of Student Services, Whidbey Island Campus.

   Duties and Responsibilities:


    *   Coordinate with other departments on campus to provide appropriate services and accommodations for students with disabilities such as interpreters, note-takers, testing accommodations, etc.
    *   Provide students with training and support in the use of accessible equipment and technology.
    *   Recruit, hire, train, direct and lead the work of note-takers, readers, scribes, editors, work-study students.
    *   Provide information and assistance to students and general public regarding Disability Access Services.
    *   Work with faculty in promoting student disability access and academic success initiatives.
    *   Resolve daily accommodation issues related to DAS and students with disabilities.
    *   Use complex software to create textbooks in alternate formats.
    *   Research, recommend for purchase and coordinate with Instructional Technology staff to provide and place updated equipment on campus.
    *   Monitor, update, and maintain assistive technology for campus.
    *   Participate in and coordinate events that promote Disability Access on campus.
    *   Attend biannual professional development training conferences (WAPED).
    *   Coordinate tutoring through TRiO and Drop-In Tutor Center.
    *   Coordinate quarterly orientations with faculty and the walk-in Tutor Center.
    *   Develop and review quarterly student evaluations of their tutors.
    *   Coordinate and lead quarterly tutor trainings and meetings.
    *   Resolve daily issues regarding tutoring services.
    *   Monitor and assess TRiO student performance in their classes and report difficulties to TRiO Counselor.
    *   Provide data for (TRiO) grant or funding purpose as necessary, including budget projections.
    *   Provide reports and data regarding services provided.
    *   Update procedure manuals as required.
    *   Attend meetings.
    *   Assist in maintaining student and department records.
    *   On occasion, under the direct supervision of a counselor, perform the following functions:
       *   Work closely with students to assist them with problem-solving educational and day-to-day issues, and refer to community and campus resources as needed.
       *   Identify and provide support to students in achieving success at their current educational level and assistance to continue to the next educational level;
       *   Facilitate student referrals to other college programs and community services including guiding students to career advising and financial aid information individually and in group workshops;
       *   Serve as an advocate for students on retention and transition by providing them with information regarding policies and procedures of the College.
  Knowledge and/or understanding of:

    *   Federal and State laws related to disability accommodations and support services.
    *   The principles and implications of Universal Design and how it impacts instructional technology.
    *   Knowledge and skills with adaptive technology including but not limited to screen readers, closed captioning processes, alternate text, electronic note taking etc.
    *   State and federal laws affecting Skagit Valley College.
    *   Secure 92 Scheduling and Data Express procedures.
    *   Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) rules and regulations.
  Ability to:

    *   Effectively coordinate activities, services and schedules to ensure smooth and efficient operation of program.
    *   Research, test and recommend new adaptive software and applications.
    *   Use various assistive software technologies including screen reading, screen magnification, voice recognition, translation software and hardware. Knowledge of various assistive hardware such as specialty keyboards, mice, microphones, screens and ergonomic workstations.
    *   Use technology to implement principles of Universal Design, for example make electronic documents compatible with screen readers.
    *   Make excellent customer service a high priority.
    *   Build constructive working relationships characterized by cooperation and mutual respect.
    *   Respond to difficult, stressful or sensitive interpersonal situations in ways that reduce or minimize potential conflict and maintain good working relationships among students, staff and the public.
    *   Use data and information logically to assess and understand issues, evaluate options, form accurate conclusions and make decisions.
    *   Actively contribute to a work environment that embraces diversity and uses diverse perspectives.
    *   Plan and manage time efficiently and successfully meet deadlines to ensure continued delivery of services.
    *   Earn the trust, respect and confidence of coworkers and customers through consistent honesty, forthrightness and professionalism in all interactions.
    *   Perform assigned duties in a manner consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and goals of the institution, community, and technical college system.
    *   Adapt to changing needs of the office and work responsibilities.
    *   Use good judgment and critical thinking to resolve problems or issues.
    *   Actively work to continuously improve job effectiveness and efficiency.
    *   Acknowledge and correct mistakes and address problems and issues in an open, constructive, professional manner.
    *   Effectively read and/or listen, understand and interpret information and ideas.
    *   Effectively communicate in English, both orally and in writing.
    *   Use Microsoft Office Suite, the internet and search engines with proficiency.
    *   Respect and maintain confidentiality.
    *   Produce accurate results with little need for oversight.
    *   Work effectively in a team environment.



    *   Associate's degree     AND

    *   two (2) years of experience in providing disability access accommodations   AND

    *   two years of experience in customer service.

    *   Hands-on usability expertise in various assistive software technologies including screen reading, screen magnification, voice recognition, translation software and hardware.
    *   Knowledge of various assistive hardware such as specialty keyboards, mice, microphones, screens and ergonomic workstations.

    *   Associate's degree in Office Technology or related field.
    *   Bachelor of Arts degree in Disability Studies or related field.
    *   2 years' experience providing customer service in a higher education setting.

  Thank you all for your help in spreading the word!

  Julie Kunz, MS, LMHCA
  Disability Access Services, TRiO, Counselor
  Skagit Valley College, Whidbey Island Campus
  1900 SE Pioneer Way
  Oak Harbor, WA 98277
  (360) 679-5351


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