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Wed Dec 28 16:08:54 UTC 2016

I am  like all of you saddened by Mike's passing. I consider Mike to be one of my closest friends inside and outside of the Nfb. 

I really admired his tremendous intellect and his costic wit! And as many have already said he is and was and will always be remembered as an extremely caring guy! He will be missed. And I will write more when I get to a keyboard that I can use rather than just dictating. Mike would be the first to tell me that I should practice on the touch screen and not do so much dictating. I'd be the first to tell him 
That like some leaders in the world, I'd rather be a lazy dictator! 
Mike RIP.
 from my iPhone

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> Hi Debby
> You're welcome, A.S.
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>> Hi Albert, and all, this is a very sad time. I know for myself that I was hoping to see Mike one more time, to get one more of his great hugs. One of my funniest memories of Mike was when I was a young girl at the School for the Blind in Oregon. The school had a summer program and there were a few students from Vancouver who came. One early evening I was calling my parents from a phone booth near the local drugstore not far from the OSB campus. Mike and David Hyde tried to tip the phone booth over with me in it. They wouldn't have tipped it all the way, they were laughing hysterically and I was screaming and laughing too. All I can say is thanks for the memory. Debby
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>>> Hi Marci and list
>>> Gary Mackenstadt called me this morning to let me know about Mike's passing.
>>> I am overwhelmed with memories of Mike since I knew him in grade school at
>>> WSSB, even before his voice changed to that strong deep bass that was always
>>> recognizable in a crowd. One year he got a new coat for Christmas that had,
>>> instead of buttons/snaps or a zipper, a velcro strip closure. He took great
>>> pleasure in finding some unsuspecting little boy (call him Albert), and rip
>>> open the coat which made a sound like cloth tearing, and try to convince
>>> little Albert that he had just ripped his shirt. Then, after a great burst
>>> of laughter, he showed me the coat closure. He was always full of fun and
>>> devilment. I was one of those little boys that Mike took such pleasure in
>>> teasing, but, make no mistake, he was always ready to defend a schoolmate
>>> who had been bullied by some other student. I send my best wishes to Connie.
>>> Bye for now,
>>> Albert Sanchez
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