[nfbwatlk] You’re Invited – NFB Seattle Chapter Picnic

Mike Mello mike at mello.com
Sun Jul 17 17:22:43 UTC 2016

Good morning listers:


We hope you can join in the fun at our annual NFB Seattle Chapter Picnic. This is a favorite event among chapter members because it offers a chance to meet and re-connect with blind friends, families, and community supporters. 


WHEN: Saturday, July 23 starting at 3 p.m.

WHERE: the home of Noel Nightingale and Jim Peterson; 3800 S. Ferris Pl. Seattle, 98144 (continue reading for directions)

We will be grilling chicken and burgers (meat and vegetarian) as well as providing non-alcoholic drinks. We ask that party goers bring side dishes such as salads and desserts. There will also be an opportunity to rent a cup for a $5.00 donation that can hold ice cold beer that will be flowing from a keg from Georgetown Brewing Company.

DIRECTIONS: Noel and Jim's house is in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of southeast Seattle. it is at the corner of South Ferris Place and Mt. Rainier Drive and is on the Route 14 bus line, which runs south bound along Third Avenue in downtown Seattle. (Going north, the Route 14 turns into a Route 1 and goes along the west side of the Seattle Center and up to Queen Anne Hill.) Catch the Route 14 bus headed South and take it to the end of the line in Mt. Baker. The bus will go through the Mt. baker transit center and then head up the hill to where the house is. Before the last stop, there is a noticeable turn the bus takes. The stop is right after the turn and is at Hunter Boulevard and South Hanford Streets. Exit from the bus, turn left, walk to the corner. Now you are at South Ferris Place. Cross South Ferris Place, turn right, and the first set of stairs on the left is the Nightingale/Peterson house. If you have any trouble, their phone number is (206) 723-1366.

Please come to the party and invite others as well! Let me know if you have any questions.


Mike Mello 208-301-0565

President Greater Seattle Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Washington


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