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I am copying the blog post below because it is very important for all of us to help out in some way. Make a video, have someone else make a video of you, pass the message to your friends and family, have them make a video. Post (or have someone else post) the videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the social media. If you chapter has a Facebook page post videos there as well. The hashtag is #-H-o-w-E-y-e-S-e-e-I-t. Here is the link to the information on how to shoot a selfie video; https://nfb.org/blog/vonb-blog/shooting-selfie-videos. 

The fundraising campaign we are responding to is being run buy the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB). It challenges sighted people to put on a blindfold, attempt to perform various tasks (supervising their children, eating, working a a professional job, etc) and shoot a video of that. Of course they have had no blindness training so they cant’t do any of these things. They express fear of blindness and in some cases laugh and make fun of the attempt. They then talk about how they could not do any of these things if they were blind and further spread the image of the helpless blind person, and spread the fear of blindness. This is done for the purpose of raising money for medical research for cures for retinal conditions. We have no quarrel with such research or for raising funds for it.  President Riccobono reached out to the FFB to discuss our issues and to try to start a dialogue with the FFB. The message he received was essentially “We might meet with you sometime…later.” This is a call to action.

Don't Participate. Don't Donate. Educate. The National Federation of the Blind and #HowEyeSeeIt
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Members and leaders of the National Federation of the Blind from across the nation do a fantastic job of countering low expectations, misconceptions, and stereotypes about blindness.  We believe the #HowEyeSeeIt Blindfold Challenge being promoted by the Foundation Fighting Blindness unnecessarily perpetuates negative perceptions and fears about living with blindness. If you haven't taken action yet, or want to let others know how to counteract this harmful fundraising campaign, here are three quick tips:

1. Don't participate. Putting on a blindfold for a few minutes is not the way to learn about blindness and blind people. This does not demonstrate the reality of what it is like to live successfully and independently as a blind person. Do not participate in the #HowEyeSeeIt Blindfold Challenge.

2. Don't donate. The National Federation of the Blind generally supports medical research on eye conditions, but spreading fears and misconceptions about blindness is not the right way to fund this research. New treatments or cures may or may not be available in the future, but the one thing we know for sure is that perpetuating fear about being blind jeopardizes the dreams and aspirations of blind people living successfully and independently today. The Foundation Fighting Blindness must understand that this approach is unacceptable, and does not portray the lived experience of blind people; there must be consequences. Don't donate to the Foundation Fighting Blindness until it stops spreading unfounded fears regarding blindness and blind people.

3. Educate. Blind people, along with our family members, friends, and supporters, please post photos and, preferably, short videos with the #HowEyeSeeIt hashtag showing how blind people perform various tasks and live the lives they want. If you're blind, take a few minutes to make a video of yourself preparing a meal, cleaning the house, or playing with your children. Here are some          tips for shooting a video. <https://nfb.org/blog/vonb-blog/shooting-selfie-videos> If you're sighted, help a blind friend or family member make a video, or make one yourself in which you talk about what you have learned from the blind people you know and how they are living the lives they want.

It's really that simple: don't participate in the #HowEyeSeeIt Blindfold Challenge or donate to the FFB. Instead, educate the public on how blind people live the lives we want.

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