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Help improve health care access for people with disabilities!

The Northwest ADA Center at the University of Washington is conducting a new research study on Health Care Access.

You may qualify if you are:
*  A person with a disability*
*  At least 18 years old
*  Have needed health care within the last 12 months
*  Live in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, or Washington


  *   The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets out guidelines for health care access for people with disabilities, health conditions, or aging.
  *   This study aims to capture experiences in accessing health care as it relates to the ADA.
  *   Participants will be asked to complete a short eligibility screening questionnaire.
  *   The full survey asks about participant's demographics and their experiences in accessing health care.
  *   This is a one-time survey that can be completed online, over the phone, or on a paper survey.
  *   Participants will be eligible for a drawing of $50 Amazon eGift cards.


  *   The ADA is over 25 years old but barriers still remain. The goal of this research is to find out where those barriers exist and ways of improving access.


  *   Participate online by going directly to: http://nwadacenter.org/study
  *   Participate over the phone or via paper survey: 866-495-7015 or adastudy at uw.edu<mailto:adastudy at uw.edu>.

Call or email if you have questions!

*Disabilities can include any difficulty you are experiencing due to health conditions or aging, such as having difficulty seeing, hearing, communicating, thinking or walking.

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