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Dear Lauren,
You should find someone who understands fiduciary duties to guard your interests and to protect your confidentiality. A lawyer would be a good pick for this, even though it doesn't really involve the practice of law to read your mail for you. That's why they call lawyers "counselors" at law sometimes. A lawyer's ability to keep his/her license depends on maintaining ethical standards. A local banker, or certified public accountant, if you know one, could also be a good choice.  I can only speak for lawyers now, regarding professional norms, but lawyers have a duty to represent those who can't pay for legal services or who can only pay a little. If you could afford a small amount per month to retain someone to read your sensitive mail, regardless of whom you choose, you could develop a relationship with that person that might be helpful in case you need advice or assistance with any related matter. You could also think about allowing that person to act on your behalf, if appropriate, by granting a limited "power of attorney" that could be withdrawn any time. If you belong to a faith community, this might be a great place to start looking for such help, and your religious leader could partner with you in finding and screening candidates within the congregation.  Otherwise, your state or local Bar Associations have referral services you could use, and your local bank branch could also be consulted.
Hope this helps.
Please realize that the foregoing is not legal advice but is only public education, and that no lawyer-client relationship exists between you and me. You should consult a professional of your choice regarding the specific details of your situation to decide what is best for you.
Good luck, and thank you for raising a question that is important to all of us.
Best regards,

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