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Well Becky, it may be seem insulting, but if in the future all washers and dryer's have touchscreens, it may be the only game in town. I don't know, I'm glad that I have my washer and dryer that still has knobs, but I suppose one of these days will give out. I dread that day, I really do. I don't find talking Microway easy to use, so I hope this talking whatever laundry box is simple. I wonder if washers and dryer's could be hooked up to Alexa you know the echo. Alexa, start the washer. Ha ha anyway you're right though once there's no Wi-Fi then there would be no making your washer work either. Wow.

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> On Jul 21, 2017, at 4:52 PM, Mary ellen via NFBWATLK <nfbwatlk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> I dread the day when our washer and drier will have to be replaced.  Most of
> the machines on the market today are controlled by completely inaccessible
> touch screens.  Although the description makes the laundry box sound as if
> it was created for people with mental, not visual, difficulties, there is a
> real need for a means to handle controls on modern washers and driers.  I've
> heard of some machines that can be run from a smart phone, which may have
> possibilities until wi-fi stops working.  I'm happy I still have a washer
> with three main cycles that I can control easily by touch.
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> I don't know whether to be insulted or say thank you.
> Becky 
> GE's $99 'Talking Laundry' box was built for the blind
> The device works with most current washers and dryers, too.
> Article link:
> https://www.engadget.com/2017/07/20/ges-99-talking-laundry-box-was-built-for
> -the-blind/
> <https://mandrillapp.com/track/click/30489975/www.engadget.com?p=eyJzIjoiZnB
> YaFNrRC1HcUpfcW9aUmRnVFpQOU1MMHA4IiwidiI6MSwicCI6IntcInVcIjozMDQ4OTk3NSxcInZ
> cIjoxLFwidXJsXCI6XCJodHRwczpcXFwvXFxcL3d3dy5lbmdhZGdldC5jb21cXFwvMjAxN1xcXC8
> wN1xcXC8yMFxcXC9nZXMtOTktdGFsa2luZy1sYXVuZHJ5LWJveC13YXMtYnVpbHQtZm9yLXRoZS1
> 9In0> 
> Doing laundry might be dead simple for most people, but the visually
> impaired don't have it so easy. To make that easier, GE Appliance's
> skunkworks division FirstBuild
> <https://mandrillapp.com/track/click/30489975/www.engadget.com?p=eyJzIjoiSHB
> PSEE2OW9yamkxQUt4TkFUaW5qRlVfcE9NIiwidiI6MSwicCI6IntcInVcIjozMDQ4OTk3NSxcInZ
> cIjoxLFwidXJsXCI6XCJodHRwczpcXFwvXFxcL3d3dy5lbmdhZGdldC5jb21cXFwvMjAxNlxcXC8
> wNFxcXC8yMVxcXC9waXF1ZS1jb2xkLWJyZXdcXFwvXCIsXCJpZFwiOlwiYTQ2YThlYjEwYjE1NDk
> yMGU0ZGI0MzRhY2MwMWQwOTk3XCJdfSJ9>  -- along with the help of a 14 
> yMGU0ZGI0MzRhY2MwMWQwOTk3XCJdfSJ9> year-old
> -- has designed
> <https://mandrillapp.com/track/click/30489975/www.businesswire.com?p=eyJzIjo
> ibHVWdlVnNXNvb3VMNFYwWkk4OUhGbHlSNFpRIiwidiI6MSwicCI6IntcInVcIjozMDQ4OTk3NSx
> cInZcIjoxLFwidXJsXCI6XCJodHRwOlxcXC9cXFwvd3d3LmJ1c2luZXNzd2lyZS5jb21cXFwvbmV
> 3c1xcXC9ob21lXFxcLzIwMTcwNzIwMDA2MjE0XFxcL2VuXFxcL0ZpbmRpbmctSG9tZS1MYXVuZHJ
> 9>  a system called Talking Laundry. With a name like that, the 
> 9> invention is
> pretty self-explanatory: it's a metal box (below) that audibly tells you how
> much time is left in a given wash cycle, and simplifies controls to one knob
> each for a washer and dryer.
> Using a board computer and FirstBuild's Green Bean tools that convert code
> to machine language, teenage Jack DuPlessis (his dad works for GE and gave
> him the task) put a prototype together in the span of a weekend. Talking
> Laundry can even be retrofitted onto existing laundry machines; its sales
> page
> <https://mandrillapp.com/track/click/30489975/market.firstbuild.com?p=eyJzIj
> xcInZcIjoxLFwidXJsXCI6XCJodHRwczpcXFwvXFxcL21hcmtldC5maXJzdGJ1aWxkLmNvbVxcXC
> 9wcm9kdWN0c1xcXC90YWxraW5nLWxhdW5kcnktbW9kdWxlXCIsXCJpZFwiOlwiYTQ2YThlYjEwYj
> A1NTlhZWQ4MDc5NTI4ZjgwY2EzM2U1XCJdfSJ9>  states that the module will 
> A1NTlhZWQ4MDc5NTI4ZjgwY2EzM2U1XCJdfSJ9> connect
> to "most" current and all future laundry units.
> Maybe best of all, these are available to buy right now and they won't break
> the bank. One unit will control both a washer and a dryer and will only set
> you back $99 -- a far cry from that $16,000 voice-controlled laundry folder
> <https://mandrillapp.com/track/click/30489975/www.engadget.com?p=eyJzIjoiVWh
> wT1lySGhVbmFBeG1HWU1mVzR1aGlaaG9nIiwidiI6MSwicCI6IntcInVcIjozMDQ4OTk3NSxcInZ
> cIjoxLFwidXJsXCI6XCJodHRwczpcXFwvXFxcL3d3dy5lbmdhZGdldC5jb21cXFwvMjAxN1xcXC8
> wNVxcXC8zMFxcXC9sYXVuZHJvaWQtdm9pY2UtY29udHJvbC1jZXJldm9cXFwvXCIsXCJpZFwiOlw
> <https://mandrillapp.com/track/open.php?u=30489975&id=a46a8eb10b15494fb002db
> 162bc48654> 
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