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I hope this email finds you well. We are looking for scientists with
visual impairments who can provide mentoring for middle and high
school students with visual impairments as below. Can I invite you to
this project and have you serve as a mentor? Also, can you kindly
forward the message below to your network so that we can find some
great mentors for our next project. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sunggye Hong, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Visual Impairment Specialization
University of Arizona
Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies
1430 E 2nd Street
Tucson, AZ  85721-0069
email: sghong at email.arizona.edu<mailto:sghong at email.arizona.edu>
phone:  520-621-0945
fax:  520-621-382

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To: Hong, Sunggye - (sghong) <sghong at email.arizona.edu>
Subject: revised email blurb to send to industry mentors with attachment

My name is Irene Topor and work with Project POEM, a National Science
Foundation grant.    After a successful first year, we are now
beginning our recruitment for participants and industry mentors for
our second year of POEM.  We will invite 25 student participants from
Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Utah to participate.
Dr. Sunggye Hong and Dr. Steve Kortenkamp are recruiting 25 students
with visual impairments for the second year beginning June 2019!  We
would like to invite you to participate an industry mentor for the
second year.

The purpose of this project is for students with visual impairments to
raise awareness and to provide experiences necessary to pursue STEM
subjects and careers. We plan to use Project-Based Learning
Opportunities and dual-tiered mentoring experience as a means to
achieve this goal. Industry mentors with visual impairments will serve
an important role in this process. You will share your experiences,
discuss necessary credentials, and identify significant technology
options. You will serve as a role model for students with visual
impairments and to assist students with visual impairments as they
complete their assignments.

Industry mentors should:

(a) have a visual impairment; (b) be employed in a STEM-related field in the US;

and (c) agree to give a minimum of three hours of time per month to the project.

We would like to talk to you if you are interested in participating in
this study. The initial interview will take approximately 30 minutes
and will be conducted over the phone. We will determine your
eligibility during this interview as well as provide additional
information about the study.

There is no risk for participation in this study. To participate in
this study, please send your email address and phone number that will
be used for the initial interview. One of the research team members
will setup a meeting with you.

Contact Dr. Irene Topor at
ilt at email.arizona.edu<mailto:ilt at email.arizona.edu> or 520-626-3863 or
Dr. Sunggye Hong at
sghong at email.arizona.edu<mailto:sghong at email.arizona.edu> or
520-621-0945 for more information.

Thanks for your time!

Irene Topor, Ph.D., TVI, CLVT
Director, Project POEM<http://poem.coe.arizona.edu/>
College of Education
University of Arizona
1430 E. Second St.
PO Box 210069
Tucson, Arizona  85721
Email:  ilt at email.arizona.edu<mailto:ilt at email.arizona.edu>
Phone:  520.626.3863
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