[NFBWATLK] 2018 National Federation of the Blind of Washington Resolutions

Nightingale, Noel Noel.Nightingale at ed.gov
Tue Oct 23 19:46:59 UTC 2018

NFB of Washington,

Marci has appointed me to chair the 2018 Resolutions Committee of the National Federation of the Blind of Washington.  Marci will be appointing the rest of the 2018 Resolutions Committee soon.

If you have identified a problem experienced by the blind of Washington and a solution for that problem, please draft a resolution and bring it to the Resolutions Committee meeting that will be held this Friday evening in the Pine Ballroom of the Hotel RL in Olympia, at 8:30 p.m., or immediately following the board of director's meeting, whichever is later.

The format of a resolution is comprised of a set of WHEREAS clauses separated by semicolons describing the factual basis of the problem and the final WHEREAS clause ending with a colon.  Then, comes the NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED clause laying out the solution.  Bear in mind that we do not direct ourselves in resolutions;, rather, the resolved clause should be directed at an outside entity.

If you have an idea for a resolution and wish to discuss it with me, please call me at home at (206) 723-1366, or at work at (206) 607-1632.  Either way, please let me know if you plan to bring a resolution and its topic by sending me an e-mail to nnightingale at comcast.net.  Otherwise, bring your resolution to the Resolution Committee meeting.  We will have a reader for print resolutions and you will need to find a Braille reader to read a resolution in Braille.  We will not be significantly editing resolutions, so they need to come in fairly final form to the meeting.

If the convention passes a resolution, I will need to receive an electronic copy of it.


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