[NFBWATlk] National convention deaf blind accommodations form. Please read below.

maurice mines maurice at maurice-amines.com
Mon Mar 2 05:55:47 UTC 2020

Good evening all of you in Washington state, a place at times that I wish I could be experiencing liquefied sunshine. But I’m writing for a important purpose. I am including a copy of the deaf blind accommodations form. So that if there are deaf blind Washingtonians who are coming to be with us in Houston Texas they can get interpreting and/or SSP services. What to do with this form.

One please submit the form along with your pre-registration when the pre-registration form is posted on the national offices website. To please let those of us on the deaf blind efficient board no that you’ve submitted it so that in case you run into trouble we can help you. A special note to first-time people and or people who think they need a little bit of extra help outside of SSP/interpreting help. We are going to have mentors available for those people who are brand-new in addition to other first-time convention stuff. If that is the case please email me so that I can send the mentoring form to you.

Please note the division does not have anything to do with sign language interpreters that’s the purview of the national office however if you’ve not heard from the national office after submitting your form and telling us that you submitted the form I June 1 please get in touch with me so that the board denied can help you get the issues resolved in a hopefully prompt manner.
 In closing, if you’ve not heard from the national office by 1 June meeting the close of pre-registration please contact me so that the board and I can help you get any interpreter request and/or SSP request noted. We don’t want people to go without what they mean to fully live the lives they want at convention. Also if you have any questions for me as to the division’s activities at convention and/or the division in general please don’t hesitate to write me an email. Because I get a lot of email please make it clear in the subject line that you’re writing about division questions and or mentoring at the national convention.

Finally we don’t get much rain where I live. There are times that I wish we get more of it. I look forward to visiting those of you who are attending convention at the Washington state caucus at convention be well everyone.

PS please note that the text of this message has been dictated with dictation software some of it may not have come out quite the way it was intended if you are having problems understanding what is been written here please don’t hesitate to ask me what my original intent was. Thank you very much for reading this.

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