[NFBWATlk] Canadian Federation of the Blind convention? Not this year!

Mary Ellen gabias at telus.net
Tue Mar 24 03:08:20 UTC 2020

Hello Washington family,


I'm particularly sad to have to tell you that there will be no 2020 CFB
convention.  I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but it's
challenging nevertheless.


To help members and supporters stay connected, our Kernels  of Hope group
meets every month via conference telephone.  The group got its name from the
NFB Kernel books.  Every month we take a topic tied to a Kernel book story
and meet to discuss it and share our experiences and suggestions with one
another.  For new members, as well as for those of us with more Federation
experience, the Kernels group is a chance to discuss Federation philosophy
and apply it to real life situations.


NFB family is welcome and encouraged to join us.  I'll post the April
Kernels agenda and access number to this list.


As for the CFB convention, we have a venue and dates for 2021.  We will meet
the first weekend in May, 2021, in downtown Vancouver at the Atrium Hotel.  


I remember with joy the spirited bidding on the CFB convention registration
at the NFB of Washington convention auction last November.  Betty, I promise
you that hope deferred will not be hope denied.  Your registrations are
already confirmed.  We warmly welcome any other Washingtonians who will be
joining us in 2021.

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