[NFBWATlk] Landmark Hotel Orcas Island

Allison Mello laura.allison.n at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 04:44:52 UTC 2021


My name is Allison Mello.

I am new to this list.

This past weekend my husband and I stayed with some friends at the Landmark
hotel on Orcas Island.

Upon check out, the manager called my friend who made the reservation and
inquired whether an animal had stayed with us.

She answered that it was a guide dog. The phone was passed to me. I spoke
with the rude and pugnacious manager. She asked if I had a service animal
and what kind of service animal it was. I said that yes I had a service
animal and that he was a guide dog.

She asked what a guide dog does, and then cut me off during my reply saying,
"oh, a guide dog. I know."

She demanded proof. Paperwork. A copy of his card. She said that it was
required for airlines, so it was required for them.

I informed her that airlines are part of a different law, and that it is
illegal to ask for any paperwork.

She started to try and educate me on the difference between an emotional
support animal and a service animal. We hung up. She sent a threatening
email demanding proof and saying the consequence for not complying was a
$200 fee.

I informed her of the language in Title II of the ADA, to which she
responded by saying that people with service animals don't understand the
work it takes hotel cleaning staff, and that they would need to clean the

This brings so many things to light. One, obviously I know how to clean
after my dog. Two, these are the routine issues a public accommodation has
to deal with. Three, in a pandemic why aren't they cleaning their comforters

I am angry. I am upset. And I think other dog handlers need to be aware. 


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