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Mon Jul 25 12:02:04 UTC 2016

At Blindfold Games, we're building audio games for visually impaired kids, teens and adults.  Since 2013, we've created over 40 games that are enjoyed by thousands of blind people.

This blog follows how the games are created, why we pick certain games to build, and offers insight for both blind and sighted people into how the games are enjoyed.

Recently, I received the following email:

_I spend hours playing blindfold solitaire, and have purchased all of the solitaire packs. The in-app purchases are well worth it. Each time I buy a new pack, I spend hours learning it till I can beat it. I also love Blindfold Dominoes, Blindfold Spades, and one of the newer games, Blindfold Roulette. I thoroughly enjoy Blindfold Racer. I often played the Blindfold Games before bed, when I first wake up to help me wake up, and through my lunch hour at work. I have tried Blindfold Hopper, and Blindfold Pong, but I admit I'm not much good at them._

_I hope that you will continue to make the games. I enjoy all of them and will continue to support the Blindfold series.  Thank all of you who make the Blindfold Games possible. J.N., Arizona State University_

Thanks for following our blog.  To download any of the games for free, visit BlindfoldGames.org. ( http://sable.madmimi.com/click?id=12318.322799.24066.1.baa31b35847de67a2105f2a54c00d554 )

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