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If you can see, then you are a bad listener

When I created the tutorial for Blindfold Racer, I was really confused why blind teens had no problem understanding the tutorial, and sighted adults would get confused.

I added more pauses ("tap the screen to continue") between each tutorial instruction, or more tried rephrasing the sentence, but they just didn't understand. Then an auditory therapist mentioned that sighted adults lose their ability to listen and comprehend without seeing something to reinforce what they are learning. Blind people can't rely on their sight, so their auditory attention skills are far superior.

The therapist continued to explain to me that visually impaired people develop their auditory cortex in lieu of using their visual cortex.

I learned the true extent of this when I collaborated with Judy Dixon (who runs the Talking Book program at the Library of Congress) to build a Blindfold Sudoku game. If you are unfamiliar with Sudoku, the basic idea is that you must fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column and each row contains all of the digits from 1 to 9 with no duplicates.

When I play Sudoku, I need to see the entire puzzle to solve it. Blindfold Sudoku tells you what number is in each cell, or row, or column and from that, you must create the image in your head. Blind Sudoku players are able to do this; very few sighted people can.

My blog follows the development of audio games and other technologies that we’re building that don’t require using your eyes. It’s a different way of perceiving the world, and it’s amazing what you can learn.

Check out our blog, where you can download any of the games for free: BlindfoldGames.org ( http://sable.madmimi.com/click?id=12318.332654.23710.1.287f4ddb2456cd7281aad18b2231e157 )

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