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/The New York Times/ Paints a Portrait of Blind Denton Artist John Bramblitt
Synesthesia: Art of the Senses

Seeing the cracks 

The lineage on her father's side was the Spokane Indian Tribe. Her dad, 
Marvin Brown, was a road construction worker, who despite being color 
blind, was a well-known bead artist.

art based on art based on art ...
Review: Ballet Memphis' Abundance is maginificent, ethereal
Jane Hope Rehm’s ethereal dance based on an exhibit of touchable 
sculptures for the blind is a magnificent concept that should be kept in 
the repertoire, though slightly modified. A glowing, veil-like shroud 
hangs in the middle of the stage and three pairs of dancers interact 
through it.



The gift to say thank you for being saved from treason
It was only thanks to the intervention of West, a particular favourite 
of George III who personally raised the matter with the king, that he 
was released after eight months in prison and deported back to America. 
Three years after the end of hostilities, Trumbull, who was blind in one 
eye, would return to complete his apprenticeship.


In 1794, a grateful and now successful John Trumbull visited London 
again, this time armed with his miniature portrait of his teacher’s 
elder brother, William.

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lisa murphy's tactile mind, a book project that blends both relief 
sculpture and braille to present erotica for the blind.


Statue honouring road-builder Blind Jack

John Metcalf, who later became known as Blind Jack, was born in 1717 in 
a cottage close to the town’s parish church.

He lost his sight after contracting smallpox at the age of six but went 
on to become a gambler, a hunter and a local musician of some renown. He 
also became a military musician and led the Yorkshire Blues onto the 
battlefield at Culloden.

However he is best known for his work as a pioneer of road-building - 
pre-dating Telford and Macadam - and was resp0nsible for hundreds of 
miles of roads.


about tim o'brien photos

tim's explorations into vision through photography and accessibility. 
legally blind, tim sees and senses the world with more than just his 
eyes. here you will find tim's musings related to his vision. you will 
see much of tim's photography and hear the stories the surround and give 
it meaning. you will read about the adaptions, mainly in the world of 
useful computer tweaks and everyday gadgets,

Best of Blind Photographers

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