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Excerpt from John Dugdale website- text on his website is given in a 
image so will transcribe a bit of it

Interview with Dugdale at the New York Times  

Desipite his progressive loss of sight, John Dugdal has become a highly 
respected fine-art photographer.
Here, American Photo's Russel Hart salutes the spirit behind Dugdal's 
remarkable inner vision.

Shortly before John Dugdale suffered the stroke that left him partly 
paralyzed and nearly blind, I visited the photoghpher in
his Greenwich Village studio. The year was 1992, and he was shooting 
still lifes of eleganly planted food
for the New York Times Magazine. I remember Dugdale, tall and handsome 
when he stood up, crouched at the viewfinder
of his medium-format SLR, holding a low-tech diffusion device in front 
of the lens and chatting nonstop. As he
looked through the camera he would move the device in increments until
only a small area of the subject was sharp, then keep it still and take 
the picture. The process depended entirely on observation and visual 
acuity. Dugdale's commercial career, in which clients such as Ralph 
Lauren and Martha Stewart sought his services as a tabletop artist, 
would soon come to a premature end.....

Dugdale now works exclusively in large format, a requirement of the 
antiquarian processes he favors., and he uses the big camera's ground 
glass as a visualizing aid. "It's sort of like Braille photography," he 
says. ...


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