[Art_beyond_sight_educators] [Art_beyond_sight_theory_and_research] Interpoint questions

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sat Jul 17 21:22:24 UTC 2010

While not wanting to sound negative -- I think the quick answer to 
your question is no.  Mostly, readers of interpoint learn to ignore 
the small impressions.  We learn to look for the presence of 
something -- not the absence.  The interpoint holes really wouldn't 
convey that much information.


At 08:34 AM 7/15/2010, Lisa Yayla wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone uses the intergraphic/interpoint 
>capability of their embossers with the idea of the texture it 
>creates on the opposite page?
>I am working with a Tiger and thinking about the patterns made on 
>the back of the paper and wondered if this could be
>used consciously for its affect?

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