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Hi Dave,

I guess I did not make my question to clear. I was thinking that the "inside out" dots (as Mike Sivill has called them) would
be used as an extra texture when a designer is making a picture on one side of a page. So the undots would be read together with
the regular dots. They are like "quieter" dots.

I am thinking there are maybe two ways to use this:
1. The graphic is read on page 1: the main graphic is drawn on page 1. On the second page a few lines are added which are also read on page 1
2. The graphic is a repeating pattern covering a whole page (for example). The graphic can be read on both sides. That is one would have texture 
on both sides of the page.  

Thanks for having the patience for reading and answering.



With that said, in a purely illistrativeone can use the intergraphic consciously to have a repeating pattern on both sides of a paper

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Emne: Re: [Art_beyond_sight_educators] [Art_beyond_sight_theory_and_research] Interpoint questions

While not wanting to sound negative -- I think the quick answer to 
your question is no.  Mostly, readers of interpoint learn to ignore 
the small impressions.  We learn to look for the presence of 
something -- not the absence.  The interpoint holes really wouldn't 
convey that much information.


At 08:34 AM 7/15/2010, Lisa Yayla wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone uses the intergraphic/interpoint 
>capability of their embossers with the idea of the texture it 
>creates on the opposite page?
>I am working with a Tiger and thinking about the patterns made on 
>the back of the paper and wondered if this could be
>used consciously for its affect?

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