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October 2010: Alert V

The Tennessee State Library and Archives
Exhibit by the Tennessee School for the Blind

Artwork by students at the Tennessee School for the Blind has been on display throughout October at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Students in Monica Leister's art classes at the Tennessee School for the Blind prepared the items in the exhibit, which include paintings in acrylic and tempera, as well as mixed media paintings, and items of aluminum embossing. There are also some paper, clay and ceramic sculptures, too.
"We create all types of art using a variety of media," Leister said. "Some of my students have low vision and are able to see well enough to paint or draw without any modifications or accommodations. I also have students who are totally blind, and they do require some accommodations. First of all, if a student has never had vision, then his or her concept of how something looks can be totally different from what we see. Most of my students love sculpture and working with clay, but that is not the only thing we do. We create collages which can be very tactile. I use screen boards and texture boards to help students to feel what they are drawing. I also add sand and even fragrance to paint sometimes to make painting more of a multisensory experience."
The free, public exhibit was sponsored by the Tennessee Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, a division of the State Library and Archives. It's gotten rave reviews from visitors. Among the comments: "Beautiful, inspiring exhibit," and "Amazing! What possible excuses could I give for less than excellent!"

Note: The Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped got coverage by a local news channel!

Beyond Sight Foundation, Mumbai, India
Blind With Camera

You might remember the Blind With Camera project started in 2004 by Partho Bhowmick. He accidentally picked up an old issue of a photography magazine from a pavement vendor in Mumbai, India and came across an article on Evgen Bavcar, an accomplished blind photographer based in Paris. Bhowmick's passion for photography made him contact Evgen Bavcar over the Internet and he was profoundly influenced by his work and philosophy. He engaged in self-study on blindness and visual art, and in the process, came in touch with several blind photographers and blind artists around the world, and people working towards giving new insight to the blind and their artistic expression.

After conducting a number of workshops for students with visual impairment or who are blind (cf. Alert II in 2008), and other projects, Bhowmick established the Beyond Sight Foundation in 2009. The team of Beyond Sight Foundation is now conducting regular photography workshops and classes. They were also involved in the recent celebration of World Sight Day on October 14th at the Sankara Eye Hospital Bangalore. The event was part of Nanna Kannu - an eye care program for children supported by Sight Savers International. Seventy six visually impaired children between the ages of 13 and 18 were trained in photography. They, in turn, took more than a thousand pictures representing four themes: "In Touch With Green" (garden at the hospital), "Painting With Light" (traffic light at night), "Inside Out" (inside the hospital building), and "For Better Sight" (objects used for eye testing).

Check out other programs and events by Blind With Camera at http://blindwithcamera.org/events-news/



Requiem for fossil fuels, a new setting by Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger of the traditional Requiem Mass, is dedicated to a world struggling to reconcile its lifestyle dependence on fossil fuels with the looming scarcity of oil, coal, and natural gas. Performed by a quartet of vocal virtuosi with the composers at the helm of an 8-channel "Orchestra of Cities", this piece is driven by the clamorous sounds of the metropolis: traffic, construction, alarms, chatter as well as sounds of helicopters, jets and harbor sourced outside the Winter Garden in 2004 when O+A presented their sonic installation, Blue Moon, on the Plaza.
This performance is part of New Sounds Live, curated by John Schaefer, host and producer of WNYC Radio's popular shows New Sounds and Soundcheck.

When: Friday November 12, 2010 at 7 p.m.
Where: World Financial Center/Winter Garden located at 220 Vesey Street New York, NY 10281


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