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  Articles mostly relating to maps and wayfinding. Google has two new 
applications WalkyTalky and
Intersection Explorer Android Apps. Both sound very interesting, but 
have been able
to find download page in order to post. So if anyone knows link address 
to these could you please
send. Also if you have used either or both of these applications - it 
would be interesting to hear about them.



This is a project from a competition in New Zealand. So it is not a 
product yet - but is great to read about such projects.

2011 Imagine Cup finalists announced
We provide user-friendly software for caregivers to draw the map of a 
house and the suggested paths to and from areas of the house. All of 
this is achieved by using our software on a computer.

Waterfront Park gets Lions Club grant for signs

The Louisville Downtown Lions Club plans to pay for two signs to go in 
Waterfront Park that will include a map of the park with raised letters, 
a Braille translation and tactile graphics.



Japan hosts world's first rock-climbing competition for the visually 

Nineteen contestants from Japan, Italy, and other countries competed in 
the 1st International Blind Climbing Competition. After memorizing the 
course by feeling a three-dimensional map, the contestants went at a 
14-meter-high wall, grabbing onto handholds and footholds and competing 
to see who could climb to the top in a 10-minute time frame.


Museum offers braille maps

The National Museum of Australia.

Without the aid of a tour guide, people with little or no vision can 
struggle to navigate around the building and its exhibitions.

The National Museum of Australia is addressing the restriction by 
offering visitors a tactile map of the building and its exhibits - many 
of which can be picked up and touched.

The museum joins cultural institutions the National Gallery of 
Australia, The War Memorial and Parliament House in Canberra that also 
offer braille services.



      Intersection Explorer

Walking About With a Talking Android

    Google WalkyTalky and Intersection Explorer Android Apps

Two Android apps <http://www.feelandroid.com/tag/android-apps/> intended 
for assisting blind or partially-sighted users are getting some 
attention of late, with Google's WalkyTalky and Intersection Explorer 
both being praised 
for their useful functionality. WalkyTalky basically hooks into Google 
Maps navigation <http://www.feelandroid.com/tag/google-maps-navigation/> 
engine, but gives directions in spoken rather than just on-screen 
instructions. It also reads out the street names you should be passing, 
so as to help users keep track of where they're walking.

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