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*Empowering the visually impaired*
For steering guidance, a potential field algorithm provides the path 
generation. After calculating a path, the system instructs the driver 
where to steer to stay in the lane and avoid obstacles. The driver is 
told how many 'clicks' to turn the steering wheel via a pair of 
headphones and text-to-speech software. A mechanism attached to the 
steering column clicks every five degrees to provide precise audible 
feedback. Additionally, a prototype for a tactile map conceptually 
similar to a high-resolution grid of regenerative Braille was developed. 
The map literally places an image of the surrounding environment in the 
hands of the driver. This device, appropriately named AirPix, allows the 
driver to 'see' the surroundings and navigate safely through them.



A 3D Printed Map To Guide The Visually Impaired

The Readot is a concept scanner that helps the visually impaired use the 
Internet just like anyone else. Designed by Suhyun Kim, the device scans 
text and images and converts them into Braille, so that its users can 
feel and interpret them. Readot can also be connected to a computer via 
USB to surf the web.



Multimodal Maps for Blind People
Multimodal interactive maps are a solution for providing the blind with 
access to geographic information. Current projects use a tactile map set 
down on a monotouch display with additional sound output. However 
monotouch displays present important limitations concerning usage of 
interaction technologies and presentation of information. For example, 
information can only be obtained by simple touch events and not gestural 
interaction. Gestural interaction on multitouch displays would enable 
new possibilities, for example indicating the distance between two 
points on the map, zooming, etc.
For this reason, our project investigates the usage of multitouch 
displays for multimodal interactive maps.
under prototype is a video of system

touch sensitive screens


Design for All

looking for answers

Tippi and Lyndsay were invited by The Landmark Arts Textile Fair to 
judge the best book for the blind.


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