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A few links to articles.



Colmenar's Honey Museum inaugurated
The facility also offers interactive tactile equipment as well as a CD 
guide in Spanish, English and French. There is also a special guided 
tour for the blind. The museum will be operated by the Malaga 
Association of Beekeepers

A dignified life for the disabled, no longer a dream!

Accessibility can mean simple things, not grandiose designs. Ramps and 
lifts, railings, specially designed washrooms, visual guides for the 
deaf and audio signals for the visually impaired are just a few instances.

In some countries, currency notes have tactile features that help the 
blind identify the monetary value. Subtitles on films and tele-dramas 
help the deaf to appreciate and enjoy those creations.

perhaps a bit of subject - but neat looking interface. Looks like a 
finger of a glove
Thimble: a Smartphone-Powered Tactile Display for the Blind
Developed by Artefact and the University of Washington, Thimble concept 
creates an ingenious Braille interface for smart phones.

Concept, shmoncept: if your "product" demo is all CGI'd screenshots and 
foamcore mockups, the Big Idea behind it had better fricking wow us. 
Well, the idea behind Thimble <http://vimeo.com/17873025> certainly does 
-- it's a Braille-powered mobile computing interface that uses 
Bluetooth, optical character recognition, and voice commands to create 
an always-on, web-connected heads-up display for blind people. (I'm 
sorry, can you hold? The TED <http://www.ted.com/> people are calling on 
Line 2.)



Ventura College's Braille center at risk

When a book comes to the center to be transcribed, it is first done by 
computer software, then diligently proofread and readjusted by certified 
Braille transcribers. The Braille is then embossed on two sides of a 
sheet, making the final product more compact. Some books also include 
tactile graphics: three-dimensional images of everything from algebra 
line graphics to human anatomy models, so a student can better 
understand an image that can't be described by words.



Students create fort models for visually impaired visitors

Architecture students from the University of Portsmouth have worked with 
the National Trust to create tactile models of Bembridge Fort on the 
Isle of Wight for blind and visually impaired people.

History brought within touching distance

The blind and visually impaired have been given a new way to reach out 
and touch some of England's history with the help of the National Trust 
and architects at the University of Portsmouth.

History brought within touching distance

A series of tactile models of Bembridge Fort on the Isle of Wight with 
descriptions in braille embossed on their sides will be available to 
help bring history to life when the fort re-opens in April, 2011.



Popular light display scaled back this Christmas

Four years ago woman brought her son, who was mostly blind, for a 
personally guided tactile tour of the many scenes, followed by a thank 
you note written in Braille. The Yules also found joy in "the many 
expressions of glee from children as they spotted the new item we 
created each year," he said.



Braille-Inspired Design for The Blind
To mark the 200th birthday of Louis Braille last year, The Netherlands' 
national post service launched a series of postage stamps 
by graphic designer Rene Put <http://www.reneput.nl/>, featuring 
typographic abstractions alongside embossed Braille text, making them 
legible for both the sighted and the blind. The project was a winner at 
the Dutch National Awards in November.

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