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Forwarding email from Jaap Breider in The Netherlands. He designs very innovative tools.
Site in Dutch but by clicking appropriate flag will get a translated version.
Very interesting about his new Tactipad.

Best regards Lisa

TactiPad; The art of drawing tactually drawing tactile art
Read this newsletter in other languages
For the many people I know abroad.
When I launched the TactileView weblog I added quite a number of people to the mailing list that I know from my previous career as well. I realized that not everyone could read the Dutch version of my texts or could enjoy the audio part of the videos.
I had requests for an international version of the weblog, but right now resources are too limited to create a duo-lingual version. As a first step, I integrated the Google translation routine in the weblog and e-mails system.

In the heading of upcoming e-mails (in Dutch again) you will find a link that will enable you to have the e-mail messages translated as well. In that case click the link 'Read this newsletter in other languages'.
Weblog articles
When you now visit the weblog you are able to have the texts of the articles translated into your own language. Simply click the flag or select the language from the list. Unfortunately you will not get a 100% correct translation, but the automated translation will surely give you an idea what I want to explain.
Anyhow, when you may have questions please send an e-mail or give me a call.
The breaking news is that the TactiPad drawing board is at the point of release. For now I am proud to let you know that the TactiPad has been nominated for the ZieZo Innovation price. On April 7th we will know more, so keep an eye open for the upcoming articles.
By browsing all the articles you will get an idea for what was already presented.

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