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Article about Catherine Miller, artist, teacher and link to her 
blogsite, and youtube videos (great! WONDERFUL, excellent)
Photo in article really neat - white cane is attatched to a paintroller 
and used to paint white on a blue wall

article etc about book project, exhibition, arts and society

(note:have not seen all the videos yet - in process but sending links 


article excerpt

Woman makes art more accessible for all

Catherine Miller uses a white cane as a tool to create art.

As the first and only legally blind painter to graduate from Pacific 
Northwest College of Arts, Catherine Miller isn't one who worries about 
working within the confines of mainstream culture. She's not nervous to 
speak up about what she sees as a serious disconnect between disability 
and contemporary art.
To explore this phenomenon, Miller is creating "A Somewhat Secret Place: 
Disability and Art," an exhibit that will run through July, featuring 
the work of artists and writers with and without disabilities who seek 
to represent or reference disability in their work.

"In the fine art world, they don't have terms to talk about disability 
art," said Miller, a member of St. Patrick Church in Portland.

Miller is currently fundraising for the project through the Kickstarter 
website while simultaneously holding a call for submissions from Oregon 
artists, performers and writers. More than 20 artists will be 
represented in a variety of media: drawing, photography, installation 
pieces, performance art, painting and literature.

"Historically, little consideration has been given to the merit of art 
by people with disabilities despite the fact that disability is a common 
variant of the human form," Miller said.

By carefully curating the exhibit, Miller hopes to give all of the work 
equal treatment in an effort to highlight the contributions of disabled 
artists and the prevalence of disability in art.

Since she was a student at PNCA, Miller has been

from blog

*/A Somewhat Secret Place: Disability and Art/*//is Catherine J. H. 
Miller's first socially engaged work of art. 28 works of art, literature 
and performance from artist and writers with and without disabilities 
will be featured in Miller's book and exhibition. Miller's planned 
inclusive book and exhibition project will create an international 
conversation that will show that artists/writers with disabilities are 
capable of expanding what is considered fine art and the common 
understanding of art history. The show will take place in Portland 
Oregon's Peal district beginning July 2nd and ending July 30th 2010. 
There will be an estimated eight events to include a opening, artists 
talks each week, VIP events, and a closing. Miller's book will offer her 
theories on the intersection of contemporary arts and disability, and 
offer definitions and names for four areas of artistic practice in which 
disability is present. The book will feature works featured in the above 
mention exhibition, and will be produced and published in 2012 with 
/Memwar/ /Publishing/ in Canada. This enter project is a individuals art 
project. However, may organizations (such as Oregon Office on Disability 
and Health at OHSU) have partnered and sponsored this project along with 
local art community members such as Mark Wooley, who will be handling 
all sales of work in the exhibition. Currently the project has $10,000 
in in-kind and cash contributions and in the next three month expect to 
match that figure and acquire a fiscal sponsor.

http://asomewhatsecretplace.wordpress.com/ and to donate log on to the 
Kickstarter website, 

Universal Book project  about Art - Great
A Somewhat Secret Kickstarter video - introduces all working around it


5 youtube videos Somewhat Secret Part
1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONiFWQuSTUQ

part 2

part 3

part 4


part 5


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