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Vision Is in the Mouth of the Beholder With Adaptive Device

(note: think this is a reference to Esref Armagan)

The assignments for our module requested the students to write about 
artworks that conveyed these meanings, but also had a personal impact on 

Working with the director from our National Centre for Arts Health at 
Tallaght Hospital, we were bowled over by the responses. Their chosen 
topics included popular music ( /Cancer/ by My Chemical Romance), film ( 
/Flatliners/ ), poetry (one of Eliot's /Four Quartets/ ), art (paintings 
by a blind Turkish artist), architecture (the new Birmingham Children's 
Hospital) and personal narrative (Beethoven's Heilgenstadt Testament on 
his deafness). The range, content and quality should provide reassurance 
to future generations of patients and society.


Duo's tactile tablet reaches finals of international tech competition
As students of Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology in 
Chembur, Amit Kulkarni, 22 and Shailesh Lohia, 21 would occasionally 
meet a particular blind student. A casual conversation with him revealed 
just how difficult it was for the visually impaired to use the computer 
or access edu cational materials online."We then realised we had to come 
up with something that would dynamically convert images online into a 
format that the visually challenged could access."

This moment of awakening led the duo to create such a device over ten 
months. Their innovation, a tactile tablet, changes icons, diagrams and 
images into a format that the visually challenged can access simply by 
touching the screen.

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