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New Photo Exhibitions in National Museum of Iceland
At the exhibition there will be a description for the blind in 
collaboration with the Icelandic Organization of the Visually Impaired, 
which is the first time that such services are offered in Iceland.

Sight Unseen" for the visually impaired.

Sarah Heinrich, a certified vision rehabilitation therapist at Metrolina 
Association for the Blind reads some of the descriptive braille that 
introduce the art sculptures. Members of Metrolina Association for the 
Blind will be the first group to experience the artwork on Friday, April 
20, 2012 at 10:45am. The public art department is working with other 
visually-impaired groups to come out and experience the artwork. ÒSight 
UnseenÓ is a new public artwork installed along Little Sugar Creek 
Greenway that is specifically geared toward the visually impaired. The 
art is located in Midtown Park, S. Kings Dr. and Baxter St. and created 
by Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen of Living Lenses based in Berkley, 
California ÒT.Ortega


the artwork of 'Sight Unseen",members of Metrolina Association for the 
Blind interact with the art ,as they walk around a 7ft mirror polished 
sphere and listen to musical tunes

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excerpt article

Their Own Beacons

 From the darkrooms of SKIMS six visually impaired technicians have made 
numerous patients happy and doctors proud. Nazir Ganaie reports.

Beeline of patients, waiting for their turns outside the main X-ray 
department of valley's premiere S-K Institute of medical sciences would 
be amazed; that the prints they take with them come from a darkroom 
manned by people who cannot see.

The job of these visually impaired employees is to operate the darkroom 
including loading and unloading the x-ray film in cassettes. After going 
through the process, the x-ray prints are handed over to the patients 
for seeking expert opinion from the doctor.

article excerpt
Samsung Photo Exhibit Showcases Work by Blind Children

Kate Oh, vice president-executive creative director of Cheil 
<http://lookbook.adage.com/Agencies/Cheil-USA> Worldwide, was struck by 
a picture she saw in a friend's office -- a child with his ear up to a 

"My friend, a professional photographer, said blind people do take 
photos with their sense of hearing, smell and touch. I was deeply moved 
and that was the start," Ms. Oh said in an email interview with Ad Age.

Cheil helped organize "Insight Exhibition" last month in Seoul, 
featuring work by 11 students from the Hanbit School for the Blind. 
Cheil said the exhibit "shows Samsung Electronics 
<http://adage.com/directory/samsung-electronics-co/277>' philosophy -- 
technology makes people happy."

Cheil originally started as Samsung 
<http://adage.com/directory/samsung-electronics-co/277>'s in-house 
advertising agency but in recent years has sought to differentiate 
itself from its key client. Cheil was behind the subway-station 
virtual-store campaign for Tesco that won the media Grand Prix at Cannes 
last year. The agency has also brought in industry veteran and former 
W&K exec Buz Sawyer to build its reputation in the Americas.

For the exhibition, students were teamed with professional photographer 
Kang Young-ho and taught to take photos using different senses.


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