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SuperPhoto Easy iOS Photo Sharing App Announced, Accessible to Visually 
Carve Gybe Software has announced the availability of SuperPhoto, a new 
iOS Universal App that they call "the simplest way to take and share 
photos." SuperPhoto follows Apple's Accessibility guidelines and allows 
visually impaired users full access to all features using VoiceOver.


article excerpt and link to video interview
Visually impaired cartoonist and SF State student aspires to be published
Patrick Ward makes himself comfortable on a bench in Cafe Rosso's 
popular patio area, hunched merely 6 inches away from his sketchpad and 
intent on drawing his next cartoon masterpiece to add to his portfolio. 
He is visually impaired, making this no small feat.
Ward, 28, student and cartoonist, faces unique challenges in both the 
publishing industry and the campus community.
The graduate student has pitched his drawings to The New York Times, 
Union Democrat and Mad Magazine


excerpt article

At Salt Lake seminar, visually impaired learn how high tech can unleash 
Educator explains the accessibility features of devices, Apple products.
Laura Lee Rough, like many individuals who have a visual impairment, 
wants to get the most out of the vision she has remaining. She has 
learned a few technological tricks to make her life easier through the 
years, but her eyes were opened wide Saturday during a presentation at 
the John A. Moran Eye Center <http://uuhsc.utah.edu/MoranEyeCenter/> in 
Salt Lake City.
Luis Perez told the crowd that "people with disabilities have the right 
to be creative. It is as important as any other right to me," said the 
University of South Florida doctoral student and avid photographer, who 
has just 10 degrees of vision. "Creating something allows you to find 
your self-expression, to find your voice and to empower yourself."


Photography workshop with the visually impaired

As I am currently working on a project that uses photography and a tool 
for social change within communities in rural Salta, I get to meet some 
really cool people. One in particular is a photographer who works with 
the blind. For those who speak Spanish, check out this blog La Mirada 
Invisible <http://integrarsalta.blogspot.com.ar/>.
For those who don't, I'll explain it briefly /en inglés/!
The project stems from the ideas that we see and experience the world 
around us using more that just our eyes, and that photography is a way 
of transmitting to others out perception of the world. So, because 
photography a medium of communication it's as much a mental process as a 
visual one. When looking at photography in this way, it opens it up to 
the visually impaired. La Mirada Invisible works using photography to 
overcome prejudices surrounding blindness, work on changing the concept 
of blindess within the community, as well as creating a new way to 
communicate our own subjective perceptions of the world.
It's pretty neat. Definitely makes you think.
La Mirada Invisible

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