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Art program helps Alzheimer's patients focus
Many museums have created programs to make their exhibitions accessible 
to people in wheelchairs or the blind. The Berman Museum of Art at 
Ursinus College, in Collegeville, Pa., is reaching out to people with 
mental disabilities.

Sacramento's Blind artists
Pete Eckert, in his Sacramento photography studio, cannot see what he is 
photographing, but through memory and instinct painstakingly creates 
images that will be part of Thursday's show


Gallery showcase for blind artist

TALENT IN THE FRAME: A work by Yvonne Dolloway, who will be featured in 
a London exhibition

A north-east artist who is registered blind has had her work showcased 
at a prestigious London gallery.

Paintings by Yvonne Dolloway, from Gardenstown, have been included in an 
exhibition at the city's Menier Gallery.

The display was put together by the Macular Disease Society to mark its 
25th anniversary and celebrate the artistic talent of people affected by 
sight loss.


Radio program with Peter Eckert - inclues other subjects
Insight: Hantavirus / Almost Somewhere / Blind Artists / Sea of Bees

The fact and fiction about a rare and deadly virus at Yosemite National 
Park; A travel writer's tale of a month-long journey along the John Muir 
Trail; Visonary blind photographer Peter Eckert; Sacramento indie band 
Sea of Bees.

Art that's meant to be enjoyed with real feeling

With most art it's a case of look don't touch, but at Pauline Harper's 
new studio the opposite applies.

Many of the artworks created by the visually impaired artist at the 
studio, Hands On, are designed to be enjoyed through touch.

"It kind of goes hand-in-hand with the name, Hands on Art.

"Most people paint what they see, but we're painting with what we feel," 
said Ms Harper, who has just 3 per cent vision.

"Most of our art is touchable which is a huge difference from the 
average piece of art."

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Blind Ballerinas to dance with artists of the Royal Ballet in Flag 
Handover Ceremony

Fernanda Bianchini, choreography project pioneer, has four dancers 
taking part in the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games


Painter, 80, opens her first art exhibition with stunning works she has 
produced despite being almost blind

A talented painter is enjoying success with her first art exhibition - 
despite being almost blind.

Kate Barclay, 80, was diagnosed with macular disease in 2008 and has had 
to give up driving, has problems finding her keys, using the phone and 
struggles to see the pavement on the few occasions she ventures out of 
her home.

The disease means her vision is constantly blurred but thanks to 40 
years of practice and the help of friends who drive her to rural 
locations to complete her masterpieces, she still produces over 30 
landscape paintings every year.

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