[Art_beyond_sight_educators] Talented Blind Teenage Artists In Shanghai

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Fri Oct 5 11:35:12 UTC 2012

Talented Blind Teenage Artists In Shanghai

About two months ago, just before coming to Belgium, I went on a 10 day 
trip to Shanghai to visit my mum and obviously to eat. While I was 
there, my mum took me to visit a close friend of hers whom I’m well 
acquainted with and who I know as Professor Liu. Professor Liu is an 
artist and a well known sculptor in China, he runs an art studio in a 
government subsidized artists village on the outskirts of the city where 
he employs about a dozen or so talented people whom he trains and who 
help him with his work. I normally visit him when I’m back and take the 
chance to view some of the new artworks that the studio has produced.

However, on this visit I stumbled upon one of his classes that he was 
teaching and I discovered something that I found incredibly impressive 
and admirable. Instead of teaching the adults (18+) and tertiary 
students that he usually teaches he was instructing teenagers and not 
only that, but they were also visually impaired. Although, teaching an 
art class to handicapped students isn’t something inconceivable, it’s 
the level of talent and the dedication that these students had that 
really moved me.


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