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Lions Teach Photography to Visually Impaired Students
Students at the Washington State School for the Blind attended a free 
photography class funded by the Vancouver Lions Club.
Visually impaired student gets chance to attend space camp

Read more here: 
Indian Photographer Teaches Visually Impaired To Click
Bangalore: Who would imagine a visually impaired person could take a photo?
SMK St Francis Produces Tactile Books, Braille To Benefit Visually 
Impaired Students 

Kota Kinabalu: SMK St Francis Convent has produced 55 tactile books and 
Braille story books to benefit the visualy impaired.

The book production is one of the workshop's activities held in 
conjunction with the 1Malaysia Reading Camp 2012, said Director of Sabah 
State Library (PNS), Wong Vui Yin during his keynote address at SMK St 
Francis Convent here, yesterday.

The speech was read by Senior Deputy Director, Maria Sinti at the 
closing ceremony of the 1Malaysia Reading Camp 2012 that jointly 
organized by SMK St Francis Convent and Sabah state library.


 From Paths to Literacy website - This website is the result of a joint 
project between Perkins School for the Blind 
<http://www.perkins.org/>and Texas School for the Blind and Visually 
Impaired <http://www.tsbvi.edu/>(TSBVI).

Let Me See: Tactile Book Kits for Our Youngest Readers

Braille books are often inaccessible to our youngest readers who are 
blind or visually impaired. Without access to illustrations in early 
board books, early literacy experiences may not be meaningful to 
preschool children. Veteran preschool teacher Bobette Enderson created 
Tactile Book Kits to help parents and teachers to create tactile 
representations of some preferred early childhood books, including /The 
Very Busy Spider/; /Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?/; and 
/Goodnight Moon./ Adding tactile representations to the illustrations 
helps to engage 3-5 year olds in the learning process, while also 
engaging them in the learning process.

These kits include all of the tactile materials needed to adapt the 
book, as well as a sheet of directions.


Counting in Tactile Journals

Tactile journals are a way for students who are blind or visually 
impaired, including those with additional disabilities, to describe 
their experiences. They provide an opportunity for students to work on 
communication and self-expression in written or verbal form, in addition 
to the tactual representations. In addition, they can be a tangible way 
for students to practice counting skills and number concepts, as shown 
on the pages here.


Tactile Graphics


Let Me See tactile book kits

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