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links, articles, sites etc about tactile books.
At flickerriver (link) huge amount of photos of books - though a mixed 
bag some more visually tactile art books.

A-O sophomore unknowingly leads class to make tactile 

ARGENTA --- Argenta-Oreana High School sophomore Morgan Cunningham may 
be visually impaired, but she's not letting it slow her down, she says.

"I can still do the same things other people can even though it's harder 
to see," said Cunningham, 15, who was diagnosed with optic atrophy, or 
damage to the optic nerve that can cause vision to dim or reduce the 
field of vision, at the end of eighth grade. "I just sometimes have to 
find another way to do them."

Speaking last week to Argenta-Oreana sixth-graders who were learning 
about Helen Keller through a biographical unit in Heidi Hall's language 
arts classes, Cunningham, unbeknownst to her, helped inspire Hall and 
the middle school students to take what they'd learned and give back.

"We came up with the idea for the kids to make tactile books for the 
visually impaired not just in Argenta-Oreana, but in Decatur and even 
the (Illinois School for the Visually Impaired) in Jacksonville," Hall 
said. "They've learned about Helen Keller's story and Braille and we 
decided we wanted them to do something for the community and to give back."


How to Make Tactile Books
Tactile books help children relate to the world by touch. While they are 
often used by visually impaired children, tactile books can help all 
children learn about texture. Your older toddler or preschooler can help 
make tactile books for themselves or for visually impaired children. 
Explore the world of touch with your child and create a keepsake that 
you two will treasure.


Reading and Making Tactile Books with Your Child

Making Tactile Books



  Henry Jack Tactile Book

This book <http://ldqr.org/livresVirtuels/HenryJack/HenryJack.php>was 
the winner of the 2011 Typhlo & Tactus international contest to create a 
tactile book. The book is made of fabric, with small toys and objects 
attached, and a story in print and braille. The next contest will be in 
October 2013. To see the full book, click on the url below.


Tactile Books Help Blind Students Grasp Scientific Concepts


Celia Finland  website tactile books


Make Tactile Books For Your Classroom

Tactile books are a great tool for teaching students with vision 
impairment. They are also great for an integrated activity to teach 
mainstream kids about vision impairment and for sharing a positive, 
language-based activity with students. They are time intensive, but the 
results are worth it!


A creative resource for the visually impaired
Visually impaired children now have a rich fund of accessible knowledge 
in the form of braille books, audio books, tactile books, made available 
by the Creative Resource Centre, housed within the Hippocampus 
Children's Library in Chennai.


Tactile book examples

Alot of examples !!! Tactile book examples - takes a bit of time to load


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