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In  France  - audio-tactile /Sensitinéraires/ book on the Castle of 
Angers in Pays de la Loire.
Very impressive. And more links to articles etc about books.

Tactile Books

  Interview with the Developer

A2i has been developing a series of Dual Purpose Books. These are 
designed for sighted and non-sighted readers to enjoy together, and 
contain Braille, Tactile images, large text and strong contrast 
colours.This is an exciting project for us, using some new technology to 
make professional books in bulk quantity. Our first book has just been 
launched, and here we interview the Developer, Susie Fisher, to find out 
more about the idea behind the book:

Q. What is the first book all about?

"You silly cat" is a cute little story about a cat that always gets in 
the way. We're really excited about it because it enables blind parents 
to read together with their sighted children -- and sighted parents with 
their blind children. In fact it's great for everyone, including 
individuals and groups, as it's fully inclusive of a range of visual 

Q. What makes this new style unique?

We believe this is the first dual-purpose book in the UK that can truly 
be read by blind and sighted people together. A lot of books for blind 
people include braille and no printed text. Those limited books that do 
contain images are usually either printed or tactile images, not both at 
the same time.


Creation of an audio-tactile book
For the creation of a new audio-tactile /Sensitinéraires/ book on the 
Castle of Angers in Pays de la Loire, with a focus on the "Tenture de 
l'Apocalypse" that is displayed in the Castle. This huge wall covering, 
classified as a Historical Monument in 1902. The /Sensitinéraires/ 
collection of pedagogical art books is primarily dedicated to visually 
impaired people and more widely to people with disability. It offers the 
opportunity to discover some the most emblematic monuments of the French 


For partial funding for the creation of a multi-sensorial box that will 
be accessible to handicapped people, including the blind, the deaf, and 
those with mental and motor disabilities.

The box is intended to help the handicapped appreciate and experience 
specific monuments. The box will be dedicated to the recumbent statues 
of the Basilique Royale de Saint-Denis in Paris.


Guide book for the exposition of the multi-sensorial box 
Presentation brochure for the launch of the multi-sensorial box 

40 students help make Braille books for blind pupils
Forty students, spent three days making tactile books to help raise 
literacy among the blind.

Kathy Michaelson, a teacher of students with visual impairments at the 
Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, ...


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